Cryptos Biometric Padlock Fingerprint – Smart Locker Lock for Gym, School Locker, Bag, Bike, Gate, Backpack and Luggage. Keyless, Indoor Paddle Touch Padlock. TSA Travel Thumbprint Lock



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Product Description


biometric fingerprint lockbiometric fingerprint lock

Cryptos CL-S2TSA biometric fingerprint lock is perfect for those who enjoys an active lifestyle.

It is compact and handy. Bring it along to the gym or travel.

With its tough IP54 enclosure and stainless steel cable, you can secure your valuables anytime and anywhere.

Unlock with ease with just your fingerprint. No complex mobile apps for registration, locking and unlocking.

And best of all, you don’t have to remember any combination number or carry a key with you. That’s freedom with a peace of mind.

CL-S2TSA is flexible – Use it indoor and outdoor

toolbox lock

toolbox lock

luggage backpack padlock

luggage backpack padlock

Bike bicycle smart lock

Bike bicycle smart lock

Storage Gate Lock

Storage Gate Lock


Secure your toolbox to prevent your young kids from reaching dangerous power and sharp tools.

Luggage and backpack

Lock your valuables in your bag to reduce the chance of theft while traveling overseas or backpacking.


Temporarily secure your bike while you are running your errands.

Garage/Storage/Gym locker

Lock your school or Gym locker. Have peace of mind while you exercise.

Enjoy the Freedom that comes with CL-S2TSA

Smart lock for multiple useSmart lock for multiple use


CL-S2TSA is shipped unlocked. Make sure that you register your administrator fingerprint from different orientation for best recognition. We recommend that you register at least one other fingerprint as backup. You can reset your CL-S2TSA back to its initial state by following the instruction in the user manual. Please keep your unique code safe. Your lock may take multiple tries to unlock under certain situations because of temporary changes to your biometrics like after a swim or prolong session in sauna and in dry condition (e.g. Winter). Usually, it is best to wait for your finger to dry or moist your finger respectively before attempting to unlock. Insert the cable with a twist. If you find hard to insert the cable into the slot, you can add a dab of lubricant (WD-40) to the slot or press the biometric scanner to unlock monumentally while inserting the cable. Please note that CL-S2TSA is rated IP54 (Splash resistant, not water proof). Do not use this lock for long term usage outdoors.For more help on troubleshooting, configuring and resetting your CL-S2TSA, please refer to the user manual for more help tips.

Flexible use of smart fingerprint lockFlexible use of smart fingerprint lock

Advanced Biometric Recognition Technology

The CL-S2TSA is designed for tough yet flexible for multiple use.

KEYLESS PADLOCK WITH NO COMBINATION CODE TO REMEMBER: Use your fingerprint or thumbprint to unlock; Stores up to 10 prints, share with family members or an authorized person like your babysitter; To lock, insert the cable with a slight twist into the side slot; To unlock, touch padlock panel.
SIMPLE TO SETUP AND USE: Simply register your fingerprints and open in any orientation; Uses high-resolution capacitive sensor for extra security; No complex Bluetooth mobile apps for registration and unlock this touch lock; Watch videos (left) to quickly familiarize with use; Tiny and light to be carried anywhere, use anytime.
RUGGED AND DURABLE: Made from zinc alloy metal and high-tension 304 stainless-steel cable for extra strength and flexibility. IP54 dust and water-resistant enclosure for short term outdoor use; Our product is backed by a 90-days warranty. Please contact us if you have any problem with your lock.
SAFE AND SMART TRAVEL LOCK: TSA approved padlock for luggage, bag, and backpacks; Travel with a peace of mind; Secure your valuables with this digital lock for lockers in the gym, school, bike, toolbox; One of the very few TSA padlocks with fingerprint technology in the market today.
LONG-LASTING BATTERY: Fully charged in 2 hours; Unlock more than 1,000 times or 6 months in standby, whichever earlier; When the battery is flat, simply recharge and use it as per usual.


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